Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi listens during the debate on the government crisis following his resignation the week before, at the Senate in Rome on July 20, 2022. - Italy's political crisis comes to a head on July 20, 2022, as Prime Minister Mario Draghi, 74, discovers whether his fractured grand coalition can be saved or if snap elections are unavoidable. There is much at stake: a government collapse could worsen social ills in a period of rampant inflation, delay the budget, threaten EU post-pandemic recovery funds and send jittery markets into a tailspin. (Photo by Andreas SOLARO / AFP)
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CURTO FLASH: Europa em chamas, o recado dos EUA para Bolsonaro, na Itália Draghi fica e o ouro para o Brasil

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A nossa seleção das principais manchetes do momento: jogo curto e rápido!

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